Khansaheb’s favorite bhajan in Raag Pahadi.

Hari Om Tatsat Hari Om,
Mahamantra hai, isko japa kar.
Woh hai kaunsa mantra kalyankari
To bole trilochan Mahadev
Hari Om Tatsat Hari Om

Asur ne jo agni ka amba racha tha,
To nirdosh prahlad kyon kar bacha tha
Yehi mantra likhe the uske zubaan par
Hari Om Tatsat Hari Om.

Lagi aag Lanka mein hulchul machata,
To woh ghar Vibhishan ka kyon kar bacha tha,
Yehi shabd likhe the uske makan par
Hari Om Tatsat Hari Om

Om Tat Sat is a mantra in Sanskrit that is translated to mean the ‘Supreme Absolute Truth’ – literally ‘all that is’.

• Om refers to the Supreme Infinite Spirit or Person.
• Tat refers to ‘that’, or ‘all that is’.
• Sat refers to ‘truth’, that which is not evanescent or ephemeral, the underlying basis, which is most fundamental and universal.
Sometimes Hari Om Tat Sat (Hari, the Lord, is infine spirit – that is the truth) is also spoken as a variation, especially amongst followers of the bhakti paths.
[edit] Scriptural References
• “From the beginning of creation, the three words om tat sat were used to indicate the Supreme Absolute Truth. These three symbolic representations were used by brahmanas while chanting the hymns of the Vedas and during sacrifices for the satisfaction of the Supreme.” (Bhagavad Gita Chapter 17, Text 23)
“hari om tatsat hari om” is big chant (mahamantra), do chant it.

one day daughter of Himalaya (parvati) asked one day
which one is the most helpful chant
mahadev shiv who has three eyes told then
hari om tatsat

asur (bad people in mythology) made the border of fire
how non-sinner prahlad got saved
this chant was written on his tongue
hari om tatsat

lanka got cought by fire that was a havoc
how the house of vibhishan was saved
this word was written on his house
~ hari om tatsat ~

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