It was in the year 1975 when Sri V.Ramaswamy was working with The Indian Steel Rolling Mills,  Nagapattinam that he enjoyed the full beauty and grace of Ambal Neelayadakshi.  When the deity was taken through the four streets around the temple in a well decorated beautiful car accompanied by music and Veda mantras that he got the inspiration to compose lyrics in praise of the Ambal.


Goddess Neelayadakshi graced and blessed me to write at least one song every year.  I got them printed and arranged for distribution to devotees during Adi Puram function in the temple through friends.

-Sri V Ramaswamy

Sri. V Ramaswamy

Sri. V Ramaswamy

While he was in Mumbai, he was suggested by an elderly woman, to worship Goddess Neelayadakshi during Navratri festival keeping the Deity’s picture on a swing (joola or Oonjal in Tamil).  Since that year 1981, Mother Neelayadakshi’s picture is kept on a home-made decorated Joola inviting devotees on Vijayadasami Day  to worship and seek Her blessings

It is nothing but Her Grace that I get the lyrics in praise of the Deity a few months before the Adipuram festival.

– Sri V Ramaswamy

V Ramaswamy’s compositions were tuned to carnatic ragas by Chennai Violinist Mullaivasal Chandramouliji and sung by his troupe. His son Sri Padmanab Sridhar funded the project to bring out the CD.

Sunaada Radio thanks Sri V Ramaswamy and Sri Padmanab Sridhar for sharing the wonderful compositions on Ambal Neelayadakshi with all our listeners.