Sunaada Radio aims to form a Musical Ecosystem comprising of composers, artists, rasikas, connoisseurs, teachers, students, institutions, sabhas and organizations. We welcome your patronization to grow the community for mutual benefit and propagation of Indian classical music. You can share your compositions, recitals, concerts, recordings with us and reach out to listeners world wide and also get your profile published on our site. We thank all our patrons who have contributed to Sunaada Radio.

You can help us to sustain our efforts by your participation and contribution.

Contribute Audio

You can contribute audio recordings which satisfy the below criteria

  • Audio must not be from copyrighted CD or commercial album unless you are the copyright owner.
  • Concert recordings more than 25 years old are accepted provided they are not released as CDs/casettes.
  • For newer concert recordings, permission should be taken from all performing artists on stage.

Join Community

Join our community forums – nAdavRnda – and share information about institutions, teachers, organizations, share and gain knowledge about Indian classical music and dance and help us to spread the Nectar of Indian Classical Music.


Audio processing

If you have technical knowhow about audio processing, you can help us in identifying tracks, tagging, renaming and resampling. You can also help in digitizing tapes and LPs.


To contribute in any other way contact us

The Nectar of Indian Classical Music