Sunaada – Suswara Naada Dhaara is the first ever 24X7 free online radio station exclusively for Indian Classical Music.

The soul of Sunaada lies in serving the rasikas around the world with the best of Indian Classical Music. Sunaada aims not only to cater avid connoisseurs but also to entice the uninitiated.

Sunaada is a not-for-profit service and is absolutely free for listeners to enjoy the rich Indian Classical Music.

Why Sunaada?

Sunaada is the outcome of our passion towards Indian Classical Music. It is a sincere effort to bring the artists and listeners around the world closer. The Internet has made it possible for us to reach places unheard of.  Technology has created a virtual omnipresent stage for an artist. Sunaada takes every artist onto this world stage and every listener access to free superior quality music round the clock.

How are artists benefited?

  • We do not play songs from commercial albums and copyrighted audio, unless permitted by the copyright owner.
  • We do not claim copyright of the songs. The copyright of the songs belong to the respective artists or producers.
  • Illegal recordings and downloads would get reduced.
  • We do not allow any downloads or sell the songs from SunaadaRadio.com
  • Although the broadcasting sound quality is excellent, it does not match CD-audio. Thus recording is discouraged.
  • Artists can reach out to a larger audience, even those in remote corners of the world.
  • Highly skilled artists even from smaller towns and villages can easily reach out to global audiences.
  • A great opportunity for upcoming artists to showcase their talent easily and efficiently.

If you are artist who wants your music to be played on Sunaada, please contact artist@sunaadaradio.com

How are listeners benefited?

  • The best of Carnatic and Hindustani classical music, 24X7X365, absolutely free of cost.
  • No subscription charges.
  • No need to buy any device.
  • Sunaada is accessible any where in the world with just a decent Internet connection.
  • You can, not only listen to Sunaada on http://sunaadaradio.com, but also on your favorite mp3 players like Winamp, Windows media player, Real player.
  • You can also listen to Sunaada on iphone, blackberry and similar smart phone devices.
  • Boon to elderly people who find it difficult to attend concerts in big cities.
  • No need to search, just tune in and keep listening.

Interested in this concept? You can collaborate with us.

Please mail in your comments, suggestions and feedback to music@sunaadaradio.com or leave a comment here.

The Nectar of Indian Classical Music